Your experience sounds similar, indeed. The saddest part is that men who are raised by smothering mothers often grow up to have unhealthy relationships. Even though it is their responsibility to alter the residue of such an upbringing, it is not their fault it exists. One would have to become self-aware to first recognize there is a problem and that the issue is theirs and not someone else's. Here within lies the crux of emotional and behavioral stagnation.

Most people spend their entire lives blaming others for the way they are or the way things have turned out, and in doing so, strip themselves of the power to make change. My ex-husband is such a man, and in fact, I find this quality to be true in most men I've dated and the few I've married. Everything that is wrong with them is always my fault, even years after we;ve gone our separate ways! This forces me to look at myself and what attracted me to these people in the first place.

But, that's a whole other article.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I appreciate your feedback and sharing.

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Loving partner + mama. 3x NYT bestselling author. Pen name Karrine Steffans. Performance Coach. Psych Major.

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