You are not wrong , but you are not 100% correct. Quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive. Yes, quality matters but quantity informs differently.

It's why we read more than one source of news or book on a particular subject. It's why we take more than one college course by more than one or two teachers. It's why we seek second and third opinions from different doctors.

No one source can teach us everything. That's a fundamental truth. Ergo, like any other form of education, no one can learn the breadth of sexual experience, feelings, and pleasures from just one source. Each partner and relationship will teach you something different about yourself as a person and a sexual being.

This is something someone with limited experience cannot know *because* of their limited view.

Granted, not everyone wants to learn more. Many don't want any or much sexual experience, and that's just fine.

Also, there's no "age card." Your responses are fraught with youth and personal inexperience. The former informs the latter and that's to be expected. Your responses area also peppered with frustration and micro-aggressions, which only upholds my point.

None of it is a big deal.

3x New York Times bestselling author, copywriter, and columnist.

3x New York Times bestselling author, copywriter, and columnist.