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To be clear, I did not "lose" a friend. I ended a one-sided relationship with someone who always took and never gave, with someone who always criticises the professional acumen of others, yet, refuses to work to the financial detriment of herself and her young children.

You know, one of those people whose life is in utter shambles, but instead of fixing themselves is always telling others how they should live, work, eat, love, and play? One of those people who have never done what you do, but somehow know exactly how you should do it?

After nearly fifteen years of bearing witness to the steady decline of her relationship with herself and with me, after years of showing up and holding space for someone who never showed up for me, I was done long before the tipping point.

And this was not the first I'd broached the issues over the years, but it was most certainly the last.

What I will never do is mince words, as you've noticed. When I've had enough, I've had enough and there is no going back for me, regardless of the nature of the relationship. I am kind until I am not, and if one finds themselves on the fiery end of my tongue, they should know they have earned it.

She spoke her piece and I spoke mine. Just because my rebuttal was meant to be cutting and final doesn't make it "uncalled for." My rebuttal did what it was meant to do –– cut after years of being jabbed.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Thanks again for reading and for your comment. I do so enjoy lively discussion!

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3x NYT bestselling author. Pen name Karrine Steffans. Psych Major. Performance + Life Mastery Coach.

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