I have been married several times and am a serial monogamist. I was married before I was 30, and prefer marriage to being single, obviously. At this stage in my life, I do not enjoy having sex outside the agreements of marriage (which vary for each couple) or some sort of commitment and understanding of responsibility toward each other. I also don’t believe in staying married for too long once I’ve outgrown a person.

If I were single, however, I would enjoy my sexual autonomy while considering who to marry next. For me, being single and banging around from person-to-person my entire life would be saddening and unfulfilling.

Ergo, like men, just because a woman is sexually autonomous does not mean she isn’t interested in monogamy. For women like me, it just means she’s fully exploring her options until she meets the man she wants to spend a significant portion of her life with. Autonomy and monogamy are not mutually exclusive.

Written by

Loving partner + mama. 3x NYT bestselling author. Pen name Karrine Steffans. Performance Coach. Psych Major. https://linktr.ee/lilibetovesen

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