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Elisabeth Ovesen
3x New York Times bestselling author, copywriter, and columnist at LEVEL.


She has been given a name, ordained by The Most High

Photo: Uncoveredlens/Pexels

She is a Woman,

In every sense of the word.

So strong in her convictions,

She makes her every thought heard.


She is a Woman,

And she knows this is true,

As she bears every pain,

That has been spared unto you.


And at times,

She will sacrifice,


I listened to clients hold on to men out of fear and shame, insisting their worth is tethered to their ability to “keep a man.”

Illustration: Te/RawPixel

One of the most valuable skills I picked up early in my life is how to leave. Of all the things my mother did wrong, one of the few things she did right was showing me how to walk away from people, places, and ideals even and especially after holding…


For all I know, my words are unhinged and you will have sworn I’ve gone insane.

Photo: Magda Ehlers/Pexels

But for all I know,

You’ll never read this,

And it would have all been written in vain.

For all I know,

My words are unhinged,

And you will have sworn I’ve gone insane.


But there’s a place,

I’d like to go,

Although I’ve always been there.

A place…

Dear Level

Forget sleeping on the couch — sometimes you just need your own space

For countless relationships, casual dating eventually turns into cohabitation. A percentage of those couples find themselves married, perhaps with kids — and decades of being stuck with each other when all you really want sometimes is space and time alone.

Unfortunately, modern convention dictates that couples should sleep in the…


Referee your relationships. Blow the whistle. Foul! Flag on the play! Strike!

Illustration: Te/RawPixel

A couple of weeks ago, I published an essay that briefly commemorated my twentieth month in isolation, a time that has been superbly transformative for me. During this time alone, it has become clear why so many people, women mostly, always urged me to spend time with myself before jumping…

Photo illustration: Save As/Medium. Source: Getty Images

Whether it happens on the first date, after marriage, or any time in between, the first time you have sex with the woman you’ve been dating is a momentous occasion. …


Take off the skins of others, come out from inside their heads, and instead, be with yourself.

Photo: RawPixels

I’ve been alone for nearly twenty months. In that time, with the exception of my son, I have only seen one other person I know. Other than a series of recent massages, I have not been touched by another human being. I have not been hugged. I have not had…

Dear Level

We all have moments where we lack confidence—but that’s no free pass to be a creep

I recently found myself in a cringeworthy virtual conversation with Jacob, a film producer who gives off some powerful #MeToo vibes. I don’t speak with this guy often, but when I do, it’s always alarming. He’s usually tipsy or full-blown drunk. …


I’m going to a new level of my life, and many of the people I’ve loved can’t come with me, including who I am now.

Illustration: Baifern/RawPixel

I can feel it coming in the air like Phil Collins, and I know I’d better sit down before I fall down. So, I set aside time to be sad, feel overwhelmed, and make the necessary changes to feel better after a while. Sometimes, I schedule a long weekend. Sometimes…

Elisabeth Ovesen

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